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stage de vitrail musee du vitrail Curzay

This work was produced as part of the Artist Residency organized by the Vitrail Museum of Curzay-sur-Vonne in August 2013 and with the help of the Poitou Charentes Regional Council, the Pays des Six Vallées, the Community of municipalities of the Pays Mélusin and the Municipality of Curzay-Sur-Vonne.

My project for this artist residency was articulated around two axes which seemed to me to be complementary: one, devoted to a time of research, experimentation and production of a work, the other, by the installation a real space for exchanges and cultural mediation aimed at the widest possible audience.

I use this medium, while respecting the traditional method of lead mounting, to bring the visitor into my imaginary, fantastic world, perhaps leading him to discover a more poetic approach to stained glass.

How to represent Mélusine, while leaving to each the freedom to imagine it, to conceive it, to feel through listening to this legend, his own emotion his intimate vision of this myth.



This universal archetype deserved that the work be open to everyone's imagination. It was necessary to introduce this tale, that it be read to the visitors. How will you tell me, and indeed by Mélusine herself, who could thus share her story with us.

I had to bring it back to life in a virtual way and it was then that the support of the film was essential. In close-up, on a video screen, representing the face of Mélusine, she could then express herself.

Gradually, was it the fact of studying her, of thinking of her, I felt that she allowed me to introduce myself over there near her, in the land of the fairies. As if by magic, many ideas came to me, jostling each other: hands emerging from the stained glass window as if to capture the attention of visitors, animated wings in iridescent glass, butterflies fluttering around his face, birds appearing, water streaming over the glass, the green wall hanging on the stained-glass window,

My imagination has no limits except those imposed by the technical constraints of stained glass. Each achievement becomes a challenge. My latest work “La Cité”, commissioned by the city of Argenteuil, today summarizes the direction in which my creation is organized.

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