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Serge Elphège, exalting the light

atelier de vitrail serge elphege

Serge Elphège combines contemporary art with the heritage of applied arts to revisit a sumptuous technique from the past: stained glass.

“My raw material is above all the light that I dream of mastering and exalting. "

The artist plays with the combinations and the infinite resources offered by this material of transparency which reflects light sources, natural or artificial. He also qualifies his works of art as "light sculptures." "

Both light and matter are sculpted to bring out unusual shapes and moving objects.

He thereby desecrates stained glass and opens up his field of experimentation by transposing it onto multiple supports, everyday objects that he likes to divert; furniture, mirror, screen, lamp, suspension ...

“For me, it was a question of creating a new style of stained glass, more contemporary, and closer to the generous and sensual glass sculpture: from the majestic totem that rises to the seductive triangle lamp that arises. "

Serge Elphège pays particular attention to detail and juggles techniques.

His process presents a clever fusion between the past and modernity. After having worked for a long time in the sketch on the basis of the golden ratio, acidulous and transparent glasses, married to today's objects, and sometimes incorporating the extravagance of multimedia tools, are assembled using the ancient technique of editing. lead.

The mass of the object and the geometric frame of the glass plates are put in tension.

A play of reflections between the mineral and organic forms that make up the predominantly abstract motif is therefore added.

“Abstraction further favors the imagination and freedom. Its expressive forms invite to provoke a meeting and to hear a more poetic music of stained glass. "

The non-figuration, the interweaving of patterns, the use of powerful colors, such as red or blue and their treatment on large surfaces, contributes to the search for a certain lyricism. This involves an emotional impact on the viewer and creates a new spiritual atmosphere.

“It is a fascinating field of artistic creation and it too can be the bearer of messages other than religious. "

Serge Elphège also leaves his mark by paying particular attention to the moment. This delicate aesthetic interweaves ephemeral fragments of apprehension, for a moment, magical, where the light is reflected through the stained glass window and will perhaps be reflected like no other.

The artist gives light a new dimension and transforms space. Through this game of reflection, the basic colors mingle with the complementary ones and complete upset the whole to tend towards the effects of unreality.

This light capture, its unpredictability, like the distribution of colors, generate an ever-living balance. Each room is inhabited by its own life, opacified or more effaced.

His compositions are thought of as real glass puzzles. Slices of life, in a way, constantly recomposed, and considered each time in a modified state.

The artist undoubtedly brings a new breath to the art of stained glass. He sees it as a hybrid, emphasizing its malleability and giving it back a transparency and a singular thickness.

Canoline Critiks.

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