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This project was presented as part of the May des Artistes 2011 of the City of Argenteuil, on the theme "Music". He was selected and benefited from a creation aid.

clef de sol [1024x768]

"The Key to Songs"  


Stained glass sculpture of 1m80 x 0.70m in steel frame and Ipn base. Leaded stained glass window with the addition of heterogeneous objects made from glass, mirror, porcelain, metal …… ..Composed of headlights, indicators, old photos on glass plate, piano keys, violin, cymbals, metronome, etc…. .

True sound structure, with HiFI stereo system: radio and CD equipped with 4 speakers, remote control.

Like all art, music is a form of language, a means of communicating. It is an integral part of our life. It may be the artistic creation that we discover and receive first: a fredaine caught on the fly, the lullaby that a mother sings to her young child.

The treble clef at the start of the staff is the symbol that sets the tone. It is therefore a key that opens the door to this art and this language accessible to all. It is also a visual symbol like the notes and the sheet music.

The notes, mysterious signs, write the melody in the manner of the stained-glass window which assembles the pieces of glass. It tends to create a representation through which everyone can feel an emotion. Lead could be the stave, since it holds pieces of glass of different materials comparable to notes. My treble clef which occupies a large part of the stained glass window symbolizes the door that is opened and which gives access to this art.

I chose transparent or material glasses to approach the crystalline, volatile character of the music. This colored key is intended to be more fun, because access to works of art must be facilitated. Music is not a domain reserved for an elite, but a sensitive language that touches us and that everyone can understand, without having to master its complex harmony. It offers another vision of the world and of creation. It sets us free and unites us in a universal language. The treble clef is thus the key that frees us and invites us to travel.

Do not travel train the youth they say? They make us discover unknown lands and lead us to question ourselves, to break down the barriers of our preconceived ideas.

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