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Realization of a leaded stained glass window
free work approximately 45x45cm in 5 days of 7h.

550 Euros

You create your own design

Personal realization of your model.

Study of its graphics, constraints.

Choice of colors and glasses.

Plot and transfer on rigid canson.

Plot and assembly layer.

Cut the outline with double-blade scissors.

Glass work

From the templates, cut the glasses identically.

Assembly and lead assembly of parts.

Broken a piece of glass.

Cutting of the part and insertion.

Verification of assembly. Welding and Puttying.

Cleaning with wood chips

Final balance sheet


In order to bring quality to the introductory course, I can only accommodate one trainee per session.
The dates and times are flexible at the discretion of the trainee.
The tools are loaned and all the supplies are included in the price.
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